パートナーの故郷プリンスジョージでの夏休み③〜父と息子の絆〜/Summer Vacation in Prince George with My Partner – Part 3: The Bond Between Father and Son

パートナーの故郷プリンスジョージでの夏休み③〜父と息子の絆〜/Summer Vacation in Prince George with My Partner – Part 3: The Bond Between Father and Son

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その途中には「Eaglet Lake」という湖があり、あまりの美しさに途中下車しました。





















Summer Vacation in Prince George with My Partner – Part 3: The Bond Between Father and Son

Last August, I stayed in Prince George, the hometown of my partner Joseph, for a week. The primary purpose was to attend his mother’s wedding with his stepfather.

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However, besides that, I was able to spend time in the great outdoors and have extraordinary experiences with his cousin. You can find the article about our time in Prince George’s summer vacation – Part 2: Wild Child Disarray and Apple Watch here → https://ayakanoikigaidou.com/post-2910/)

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A Day with Joseph and His Father, Troy

One of the most memorable experiences was spending a wild day with Joseph and his father, Troy. Troy, a true man’s man, seemed like the protagonist of a Hollywood action film with every gesture he made—his driving, the way he smoked, ate, talked, and laughed—everything about him. With Troy’s wild driving, we finally arrived at the forest where Joseph used to frequent as a child. As soon as we arrived, Troy made us delicious hamburgers. Even a simple meal eaten in nature tastes incredibly special. Troy getting out of the car and walking towards us. Even this ordinary scene looked like a warrior returning safely from the battlefield.

Afterward, we went fishing at a beautiful lake hidden in the woods. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch anything. haha

Then came the moment I was most excited about: shooting practice. I was quite nervous because the slightest mistake in handling or aiming could be disastrous. I had the chance to practice shooting at tin cans. The impact on my body was more intense than I had imagined, and I became quite excited.

Joseph, who was already experienced in shooting, effortlessly hit the target.

When Troy held the gun, he became the ultimate Hollywood action hero. In that instant, I felt like I had captured the perfect image of a main character.

After that, we drove through the forest, exploring roads that even they had never traveled before. Along the way, we discovered wild beavers, as seen in this photo, and ventured further on challenging roads.

Finally, we came across this breathtaking view that even they had never seen before. It felt like we had stumbled into the world of Jurassic Park.

On the way back home, we encountered numerous wildflowers growing haphazardly. I used these wildflowers to create a bouquet as a gift for Troy’s wife, Crystal (Joseph’s stepmother). When I gave her the bouquet at Troy’s house, she was overjoyed, and it was a proud moment for me to showcase my bouquet-making skills. (For articles related to floristry, please click here: https://ayakanoikigaidou.com/category/florist/)

The Bond Between Father and Son

Joseph often expresses deep gratitude for being raised by his parents. At the same time, he greatly admires his father, Troy, and says that he constantly strives to be a better man than him. I can clearly feel Troy’s influence on Joseph through our daily conversations and lifestyle. As a woman, I sometimes yearn for the bond between men. Few words are spoken, but they show it through their actions, demonstrating their respect and love for each other. A son who lives his life consciously, following in his father’s footsteps. Watching their big backs standing side by side, I found it heartwarming to imagine their long history together, from Joseph’s childhood to the present.

The First Step towards Great Adventure

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