英会話とフラワーアレンジメントの共通点/English conversation and floral design apprenticeship have common points

英会話とフラワーアレンジメントの共通点/English conversation and floral design apprenticeship have common points

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English conversation and floral design apprenticeship have common points.

One of them is the cycle of tension, challenge, and achievement.

To be honest, I had quite a bit of confidence in my communication skills in Japan. However, after coming to Canada and starting work, I immediately lost that confidence. I developed a complex about not being able to speak English, and feeling a sense of isolation when I couldn’t participate in conversations. Tasks that I could easily do in Japan took much longer, making me feel inferior. While I know there’s no need to feel that way, the fact is that I do. Various factors piled up, and at the peak of stress, I even had six mouth ulcers. In my first year, I cried countless times, which surprised me because, in Japan, I would only cry a few times a year, mainly from watching documentaries or tears of joy.

I have a tendency to overthink conversations, and I still feel nervous every time I speak English. I constantly battle the fear of whether I’m being understood or not. Speaking in front of multiple people increases the nervousness, making it difficult for me to even know what I want to say.

With floral arrangements, I also start each one with a sense of nervousness, wondering if it will turn out beautiful.

Despite the nervousness, I gather the courage to challenge myself and tell myself, “No, it will be understood!” And every time I do that with English, it actually gets across to the other person, deepening our relationship. I always think it was a good thing to muster the courage. Similarly, with floral arrangements, I tell myself I can do it even though I’m scared, and today I was able to create a beautiful arrangement using a large base.

By accumulating these small experiences of success in both English conversation and floral design, it leads to unwavering self-confidence. I believe that by continuing with small challenges without succumbing to the daily tensions, it will lead to significant growth. Maybe by that time, I won’t feel nervous anymore.

Living abroad is one way to greatly expand one’s personal growth. If you’re unsure, I strongly recommend going for it. You only live once. If you’re interested, please take a look here. Consultation with an agent is highly recommended as it helps organize your thoughts.

Living in Canada has made me mentally stronger. I want to continue growing and become resilient so that I can give back to my family, friends, and home country.

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